100 Artists' Manifestos

From the Futurists to the Stuckists

Alex Danchev (Ed.)

Artists' manifestos are nothing if not revolutionary. They are outlandish, outrageous, and frequently offensive. They combine wit, wisdom, and world-shaking demands. This collection gathers together an international array of artists of every stripe, including Kandinsky, Mayakovsky, Rodchenko, Le Corbusier, Picabia, Dalí, Oldenburg, Vertov, Baselitz, Kitaj, Murakami, Gilbert and George, together with their allies and collaborators – such figures as Marinetti, Apollinaire, Breton, Trotsky, Guy Debord and Rem Koolhaas.

ISBN-13: 9780141191799

460 pages, 19.9 × 12.6 cm, paperback, English

Penguin Classics, London, 2011
€ 16.50