The Design of Dissent - Expanded edition

Greed, Nationalism, Alternative Facts, and the Resistance

Milton Glaser, Mirko Ilic, Steven Heller

Dissent is an essential part of keeping democratic societies healthy, and our ability as citizens to voice our opinions is not only our privilege, it is our responsibility. Most importantly, it is a human right, one which must be fervently fought for, protected, and defended.
Many of the issues and conflicts visited in the first edition of this book remain vividly present today. They are reminders of how democracy and social change are often incremental, requiring patience, diligence, hope, and the continuing brave voices of designers whose skillful imagery emboldens in the face of struggle.
The 160-plus new works in this edition document the Arab Spring, the Obama presidency, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, the election of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin’s continuing influence, the Women’s March, the ongoing refugee crises, the environment, and much more. This powerful collection, totaling well over 550 images, stands not only as a testament to the power of imagery, but also as an urgent call to action.

ISBN-13: 9781631594243

296 pages, illustrated, 22,9 × 27,9 cm, paperback, English

Rockport, 2017
€ 21.50