Logo Style: Decorative, Modern, Postmodern, Digital


Logo is one of the most crucial design elements in creating an identity, with its significance ever growing along with the exponential growth of production efficiency. What remains true is that for every brand, its logo should be recognizable while conveying certain messages through an appropriate design style.
This book strives to showcase logos from the perspective of artistic styles and periods. By integrating various design styles in accordance with historical design and art movements, four comprehensive categories come into being: Decorative Style, Modernism, Postmodernism and Digital Era. To understand the development and applications of different logo styles, this book has invited designers, including Glenn Wolk from USA and Srdjan Vidakovic from Serbia, Daniel Garcia from USA, Taras Boychik from Ukraine, Holger Jacobs from UK and Esteban Oliva from Spain to share their insights into logos of these four categories.

ISBN-13: 9789887757245

224 pages, illustrated, 21,5 × 28 cm, hardcover, English

SendPoints, 2017
€ 45.00