Amelie von Wulffen Bilder / Works, 1998 - 2016

Isabel Podeschwa, Bernhart Schwenk, Joe Scotland, Amelie von Wulffen (Ed.)

This monograph coincides with The misjudged Bimpfi, von Wulffen's major new commission at Studio Voltaire, her first solo exhibition in the UK. Von Wulffen presents a significant new body of work that combines her interest in the confessional and the unconscious. In new paintings, von Wulffen has blended traditional figuration with dream-like scenarios that disconcert in their a-historic, misplaced sense of time. Differing styles of dress, location and painterly convention are folded in on each other in ludic juxtapositions. Found works by unknown artists are pasted directly onto canvases, combined with tromp l'oeil and heavy impasto, kitschy images of fruit bowls and kittens, or reproductions of pleasant farmsteads. Significantly, von Wulffen also presents her most ambitious sculptural installation to-date.

ISBN-13: 9783960980605

325 pages, illustrated, 23.8 × 3 x 29.9 cm, paperback, German/English

Studio Voltaire, Pinakothek der Moderne & Koenig Books, 2016
€ 39.80