Thierry De Cordier: Iconotextures

Michel Draguet

Catalogue of the eponymous exhibition, this large-format book presents the complete series together with a text by Michel Draguet shedding light on this work with enigmatic title. Limited edition of 500 copies.
The series Iconotextures consists of twelve works: vast fields of 300 × 150 cm paper where blue ink assembles into a whirlwind. The artists presents a waterfall of text that links to absurdity definitions of God. Both definitions that claim and deny His existence. Oscillating between irony and the sacred, the words become the spiritual material (texture) of an image that, like an icon, materializes the invisible. Through this calligraphy of his own effusion, Thierry De Cordier reflects the absurdity that is the very idea of defining God. His Word turns to flesh. Blue as night, deep as doubt: the testimony of the inherent fragility of human consciousness.

ISBN-13: 9789077013137

32 pages, 13 illustrations, 44 × 33 cm, hardcover, English / French / Dutch

Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten Brussel, 2016
€ 45.00