Thomas Huber: On the Horizon / Am Horizont

Stephan Berg, Thomas Huber & Wolfgang Ullrich

What is the place of painted pictures? What is their relevance? And what is their reality? Thomas Huber is an internationally acknowledged painter whose cool picture constructions, mostly devoid of humans, circle around these questions. In meticulously composed, surreal-looking scenarios he creates a world of paradox combinations and reflections that challenge reality.
Thomas Huber (*1955) mostly creates pictorial spaces with an architectural character. In them he has been sounding out the various forms of appearance and effect for more than thirty years. This volume presents mainly recently created works by the artist, who was born in Zurich and now lives in Berlin. They refer to the horizon as a constant of all pictures constructed using perspective and as a metaphor for a boundary between the visibility of the motif and the invisibility of the associated dialogue. Texts by and a conversation with Thomas Huber demonstrate the systematic pictorial theories of the artist.

ISBN-13: 9783777426846

168 pages, 124 colour illustrations, 29 × 23 cm, hardcover, English / German

Kunstmuseum Bonn & Hirmer, 2016
€ 39.90