Cy Twombly (Centre Pompidou)

English Edition

Jonas Storsve (Ed.)

Under the direction of Jonas Storsve, this beautiful book traces the amazing journey and career of the artist, from his early work marked by primitive arts, graffiti and writing, until his last monumental paintings. Unpublished documents of archives highlight the extraordinary personality of Cy Twombly. His work synthesizes a wealth of unusual experiences, with multiple peregrinations between countries and cultures, and incessant readings.
The catalogue highlights outstanding iconography, in different expressions (paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs).
An original timeline completes this attractive book, interspersed with scenes of life of Cy Twombly brilliantly told by Nicolas del Roscio, his former assistant and friend.

ISBN-13: 9783944874616

320 pages, 300 illustrations, 28 × 28 cm, hardcover, French

Sieveking Verlag, 2017
€ 49.90