Goran Djurovic: Tragicomedia Casting


Goran Djurovic studied painting in Dresden and currently lives and works in Berlin. His painting deals with irritating stagings that border on the absurd and possess a disturbing and at the same time magical appeal. The dramatically lit, stage-like architecture causes the protagonists to appear on a cool but not cold scene. The artist applies his sometimes dismal, sometimes humorous vision of a tragicomical existence to the canvas in several layers of paint. In doing so, he draws on the painting style of the Old Masters: numerous layers of paint lie under the actual visible surface. The white in the intermediate layers causes the light to radiate from within. In contrast to the early years, of late the artist has been increasingly working on large or very large-scale formats. These have been assembled for the first time in one volume.

ISBN-13: 9783775741965

160 pages, ca. 110 illustrations, 24.50 × 29.50 cm, hardcover, English

Hatje Cantz, 2016
€ 38.00