John Van Oers


Text by Bert Danckaert

'Belgian artist John Van Oers (b. 1967) became a sculptor and his expertise, his 'craft', enables him to create objects with precision in various materials. At the same time, he resists his mastery with remarkable lightness. Van Oers is not fond of weighty theories oa a mannered flaunting of ability. He cherishes the child that kept alive in him and has a perchant for recognizable, small elements from his immediate surroundings, or fragments taken from memories.
The objects of Van Oers are based on stories but are not narrative. Anu sense of the anecdotical is scraped away through a process of stylisation and the handling of the material, whether cardboard or bronze. Always open to surprise, or deliberately challlenging chance. Often through the use of recycled materials placed in a new context, in this way bringing the histoty of the objects - as if it were a shadow- into a play of new meaning.'
Bert Danckaert


150 pages, 24,6 × 19 cm, paperback, Dutch/English

John Van Oers, Borgerhout, 2015