(SIC) Livre VI Art, Research and Politics

Essays in Curatorial Criticism (1999-2014)

Dieter Lesage, artistic intervention by Ina Wudtke

(SIC) is glad to announce the publication of “Livre VI” of its eponymous journal which takes the form of a book by Dutch-speaking Belgian philosopher Dieter Lesage, (director of RITS | School of Arts). Art, Research and Politics. Essays in Curatorial Criticism (1999-2014) spans fifteen years of Lesage's critical interventions in the field of art, politics, and culture, analyzing and unraveling curatorial rhetorics and strategies which during that period marked the so-called art world.

ISBN-13: 9782930667119

320 pages, color illustrations, 20 × 22 cm, paperback, English

(SIC), Brussel, 2014