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: Output 11

International Yearbook for Work of Students in Design and Architecture

thumbnail :Output edits projects by Design and Architecture students from all over the world with innovative works, never ever published before. Students from 38 countries applied 1.050 entries, from which an international Jury selected 87 projects. Many laureats from recent years became today now established designers and architects. :Output shows how students develop theirselves into real professionals .

1:1. Een op één: de essentie van retail branding en design


thumbnail Retail mirrors society and as society is constantly changing retail has to be able to anticipate these changes in order to maintain its right of existence. In short; act, react or suffer! This book covers all the facets of retail branding, holistic formula development and the essential one-to-one relationship with your customers.
more info € 39.00

100 Classic Graphic Design Journals


thumbnail 100 Classic Graphic Design Journals surveys a unique collection of the most influential magazines devoted to graphic design, advertising, and typography. These journals together span over 100 years of the history of print design and chart the rise of graphic design from a necessary sideline to the printing industry to an autonomous creative profession.
more info € 45.00

100 Great Children's Picture Books


thumbnail This unashamed visual feast celebrates the best designed and illustrated picturebooks from around the world over the past one hundred years.
more info € 35.00

100 Ideas That changed Graphic Design

Out of print

thumbnail New in the "100 Ideas that Changed..." series, this book demonstrates how ideas influenced and defined graphic design, and how those ideas have manifested themselves in objects of design.
more info € 25.00

100 Ideas that changed Advertising


thumbnail A chronicle of the key ideas that have shaped the commercials we see everyday, 100 Ideas That Changed Advertising offers a fascinating insight into an ever-changing and fast-moving business.
more info € 25.00

100 Ideas that changed the Web


thumbnail This innovative title looks at the history of the Web from its early roots in the research projects of the US government to the interactive online world we know and use today.
more info € 20.00

100 Ilustrators


thumbnail Culled from Taschen's Illustration Now! series is this selection of today’s most successful and important illustrators from around the globe.
more info € 39.95

100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design


thumbnail 100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design takes a fresh look at Swiss typography and photo-graphics, posters, corporate image design, book design, journalism and typefaces over the past hundred years.
more info € 55.00

1000 Fonts: From Albertus to Zupra Sans

New 2015 Edition

thumbnail 1000 Fonts—uniquely—organizes fonts into categories by the major aspects of function. Each font is marked with icons that identify its salient and supplementary features, with cross-references to direct you toward viable alternatives. The book also includes a wealth of iconic examples of fonts in action—creating
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