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1001 schilderijen die je gezien moet hebben

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thumbnail Deze onmisbare, beeldende en verrassende gids geeft een vlijmscherpe dwarsdoorsnede van de geschiedenis van de schilderkunst. Dit overzicht begint bij de muurschilderingen van de oude Egyptenaren en eindigt bij de nieuwste hedendaagse doeken, waardoor het niet alleen veelomvattend maar ook een bron van schoonheid is.

101 Things to Learn in Art School


thumbnail What is the first thing to learn in art school? "Art can be anything." The second thing? "Learn to draw." With 101 Things to Learn in Art School, artist and teacher Kit White delivers and develops such lessons, striking an instructive balance between technical advice and sage concepts.
more info € 16.50

11th Lyon Biennale – A Terrible Beauty Is Born/ Une terrible beauté est née


thumbnail The book of the 11th edition of the international exhibition, curated by Argentinean curator Victoria Noorthoorn (gathering 78 artists from all over the world, mostly from Europe, Africa and Latin America), conceived as an autonomous montage of visual and verbal works engendering a multiplicity of meanings.
more info € 32.00

14e Biennale de Lyon: Mondes flottants / 14th Lyon Biennale – Floating Worlds


thumbnail The book of the 14th edition of the international exhibition, curated by Emma Lavigne, with more than 50 artists.
more info € 25.00

18th Biennale Of Sydney. All Our Relations


thumbnail This full-colour catalogue will be published in association with the 18th Biennale of Sydney, and will provide a comprehensive overview of the exhibition, its artists and the ideas that inform it.
more info € 39.50

1914. The Avant-Gardes at War


thumbnail On account of a technological and material deployment beyond all human scope, the First World War ranks as the »seminal catastrophe of the twentieth century,« a century which would reach its moral nadir in the Nazi’s political programme of total war and extermination. But the worlds that collapsed in 1914 had already become fragile in the years before; a number of writers, musicians and artists had long since become weary of these worlds...
more info € 78.00

21st Century Portraits


thumbnail With over 150 illustrations from fifty artists, 21st Century Portraits explores new developments in the representation of the human form and face as well as the continuing appeal of commissioned portraiture.
more info € 40.00

50 Contemporary Artists You Should Know


thumbnail This survey of great contemporary artists is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of art today. Artists working after World War II faced a confounding array of challenges, as stylistic barriers were broken, technology advanced, and issues of sexuality and race came to the forefront.
more info € 19.95

500 Portraits

BP Portrait Award

thumbnail 500 Portraits presents a unique selection of some of the most exciting contemporary portraits selected for the National Portrait Gallery's annual competition.
more info € 33.50

500 Self-Portraits


thumbnail A compelling collection of self-portraits from throughout recorded history, revised to include captivating contemporary works.
more info € 27.95
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